This sentiment is appreciated, but even in efforts to be our own hero, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Not a handout, but help.

There’s also nothing wrong with taking it when it’s given.

Even with yourself, your parents set the example and gave you the tools you needed to become your own hero.

You are definitely right in that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves and our own well being, and that we should have no expectations on the reliance of others, but no one is self made. No one creates anything of value in their lives independently. From the folks that bought your lemonade to the folks that allowed you to shovel their driveway, even though you were making a way for your self, you didn’t do it alone.

You’re right, no one is coming to save us, but if we’re open enough to recognizing it, there are people (like your now fiance) that are more than willing to help us in the process of saving ourselves.

Thanks for sharing!

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