The U.S. Capital Building Terrorist Attack: Brought To You By The Proud Boys

My grandmother spares no expense when it comes to words. She loves all of them.

The “F Bomb” is one of her favorites.

After the violent mob eased their way into the U.S. Capital Building yesterday, one of her favorite F Bomb terms came to mind.

“Fuckin furious.”

Yesterday, I was fuckin furious.

A pompous, mostly white, mostly male crowd was let into the U.S. Capital where they rioted and looted.

Yes, they were let in. There’s video of security opening a fence where the mob causally walked onto the property and into the building, some using designated entry points, and others going in through windows they broke out.

Yes, they rioted, something white people have long been known to do, yet something they will quickly say only black people do.

The Boston Tea Party would surely like to have a word.

They threw water bottles and other random loose items at police. They destroyed property. They took selfies and videos, even seating themselves in offices like that of Nancy Pelosi.

They started at around 1pm and for over 4 hours had free reign.

Four hours.

When the smoke cleared, 4 people had died. One from being shot by U.S. Capital Police, and the other three from “separate medical emergencies” (USA Today).

When the National Guard and State Troopers finally decided four hours later that making an appearance was a good idea, the crowd slowly began to dissipate and the kindness continued.

Though it was reported that some tear gas was used, for the most part doors were opened and the thugs were allowed to simply walk away.

Alive to see another day.

Not since 1812 has this kind of melee and of insurrection happened at the U.S. Capital building.

What has happened since then and continues to happen is black people being murdered for less.

The title picture above is from the terrorist attack. Below is a picture of the U.S. Capital during the Black Lives Matter protest.

What a difference a race makes.

Tamir Rice was holding a toy gun in an open carry state when Officer Timothy Loehmann killed him on sight within two seconds of exiting his patrol car.

Two seconds. Most likely not enough time to warn Tamir to raise his hands as Timothy claimed he did.

On December 29th, the Department of Justice decided Tim Loehmann would not in any way be charged with murdering Tamir Rice.

Jacob Blake was walking AWAY from officers when he was grabbed by his shirt and shot in the back repeatedly by Rusten Sheskey, paralyzing him.

Rusten, a police officer with a gun shot Jacob because he was holding a knife that he at no point used against Rusten.

On January 5th it was decided that Rusten would not face any criminal charges for severely crippling Jacob’s quality of life, and the National Guard was sent to Kenosha.

As a black man there is so much of this that is terribly difficult to stomach.

One is that we continue to see white men that are clearly guilty of heinous crimes be treated so gingerly. Dylann Roof. James Holmes. Meanwhile black men that are either unarmed, walking away from police, or otherwise causing no threat are killed, and officers can say they “feared for my life” and that’s all needed to let them off the hook.

Second is that local government officials like the cowardly Danial Cameron, and the Department Of Justice pick certain times to publicize decisions of not pressing charges against officers.

Decisions to not charge Timothy Loehmann and Rusten Sheskey both come at a time where the possibility was strong that Democrats may flip the Senate and gain control. What those in charge are telling black people is that the party of our choice may be able to take control of government, but the government can still kill our people with no regard and no consequence.

Acts of the white terrorist group that attacked the capital and their mostly uneventful release after they were done looting, compared to peaceful Black Lives Matter Protests that turn violent because of authorities and NOT because of protestors is even more hurtful confirmation of America’s continued long standing message: White people can do what ever the hell they want and still be regarded as citizens that are free to go. Black people can turn to walk away and then be shot in the back and either paralyzed or killed.

In watching the live stream on The Washington’s Post website of the terrorist activity, reporter James Hohmann said, “You have Black Lives Matter activists complaining online saying if this crowd had been majority black they’d be treated differently. I don’t know about that.”

We have seen countless examples of black people peacefully protesting when police/authorities decide to make the event violent, yet someone can claim they don’t know if race places a factor in the way the DC terrorist crowd was treated.

The “I don’t know about that” set my insides on fire.

White people continuing to claim our negative and deadly experience as black people in this country doesn’t exist because they haven’t lived it is insanely infuriating.

That same fire that burned in me yesterday and even today still is that same rage that is in black people when we protest and march, and even when we decide to burn things down. Black Americans are told that this country would rather kill us than listen to us, and there are times where that sentiment makes us feel like we are backed into a corner.

The constant devaluing of our life and our experience is inhumane.

Simply because of our skin color, we are the target of the National Guard and rubber bullets and tear gas.

The terrorist act that took place yesterday at the capital building was known about months ago, yet not only was the National Guard not sent out in advance as they are in instances where black people plan to march and rally, the National Guard and State Troopers didn’t show up to the capital for over four hours after the mob was let in.

Had that crowd been black, they would not have made it within a mile of the building before they were pushed away, dragged away, or killed by authorities.

The “proud boys” of America fight back and they get sent home.

When black people fight back? We get sent either to jail or to a casket.

Every time something like this happens I am reminded that this is the way things were set up.

This country was not established with black people in mind. Not our citizenship, our livelihood, our civil rights, none of it was intended for us.

In America, the darker your skin, the less human you are.

The James Baldwin version of “fuckin furious” sums it up perfectly: “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all the time…”

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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