The Curious Case Of Jussie Smollett And The City Of Chicago.

Charges against Jussie Smollett for lying to police were dropped by Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx last year, but have been now been reintroduced, and Jussie has pleaded not guilty to six charges of falsifying information related to the assault he reported in 2019.

Jussie’s lawyers have filed for the case to be dismissed based on “double jeopardy”, or him being charged twice for the same crime.

When information was first released about the attack against Jussie that had all the makings of a hate crime, support for him was unanimous. His talent and seemingly kind nature had earned him a place in the hearts of Hollywood actors, musicians, and fans, but when conflicting information began circulating from the Cook County Police, the incident took a very unexpected turn as Jussie became a person of interest in his own assault case.

Jussie maintains his innocence, which is quite compelling, but not totally convincing given the evidence that has come out otherwise.

The case against Jussie looks to have legs, particularly with the Osundario brothers having said the assault was set up by Jussie. If this is true, then he should by all means face the consequences.

Staging a hate crime is an offense that should be taken seriously, but there is something else just as serious at play.

Chicago native R. Kelly egregiously ransacked the lives of dozens of women during his 20 plus year career.

Part of the reason he was able to carry on in crimes against women and under-aged girls was with with the help of some Chicago Police officers. Though no specific officers have been named, the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” brought a specific instance to light.

Kelly had been known to use his Chicago studio as housing for women and girls he was holding hostage. One of the girl’s parents got wind of this information and decided on going to the studio with police to demand their daughter be released. Before they could arrive, other officers of the Chicago Police tipped R. Kelly off so that he could clear out of the studio and lock up before the parents arrived.

Yes, the police were helping R. Kelly, and apparently had been doing so for years.

It’s very telling that this information has for the most part been quiet, yet Chicago officials have quickly painted Jussie as a large scale criminal.

You can be a pedophile/child molester and abuse women, but don’t dare lie to the police about a hate crime in which you are the only person that gets physically hurt. This is not to in any way trivialize the possible wrong of Jussie’s actions, but here we have reports that Chicago police were helping R. Kelly commit crimes.

This is noteworthy because Jussie was sued by Chicago officials for over $130,000 in claimed overtime spent by police investigating his attack.

You read that right. City employees were aiding and abetting R. Kelly and look to be facing no punishment, while the city of Chicago wants reimbursement from Jussie for police overtime.

At best this is utterly baffling.

Since the release of his first album in 1993, R. Kelly had been on a crusade of abuse. What appeared to be a small victory in 2002 failed because the key witness backed out of testifying, and even after that, R. Kelly continued in horrible acts against women and young girls. An indictment finally stuck in 2019 that seems to finally be his undoing.

26 years after the beginning his abusive career.

Yet charges against Jussie Smollett have been brought back within a year’s time of being dropped.

Where was this swift “justice” for all the women that were suffering at the hands of R. Kelly over the years?

If the city of Chicago had went after R. Kelly with the same fervor they are going after Jussie Smollett, pain suffered by so many women at the hands of Kelly could have been avoided.

Something here reeks of an unspeakably dangerous and self serving bias on behalf of Chicago officials that paved, or even bulldozed the way for dozens of women to be hurt by R. Kelly.

With Jussie Smollett being a gay man, this is a reminder of the way homosexuality is portrayed as the greatest sin against God, even though the Bible doesn’t speak of any sin being above another (this aside from research questioning the validity of homosexuality being a “sin” in the first place).

The city of Chicago has turned a blind eye towards the menace they should have tried to stop years ago, and set the sights of the other eye on the gay man who must be punished for his “sin”.

Wait. I meant punished for staging an attack and falsifying a police report.

The evidence does look to be stacked against Jussie, but even more clear is the damaging set of priorities Chicago officials have in ignoring one criminal because his is a symbol of the city, and publicly admonishing another who in reality has only truly hurt himself. There may be enough evidence to convict Jussie of illegal acts, but there is also years upon years of insurmountable evidence and battered women to prove R. Kelly has been a danger to human life for many years.

The acts of Jussie Smollett and R. Kelly are of course not similar enough for a side by side comparison, but what’s staggering and infuriating is the quick response of Chicago officials to Jussie’s actions compared to a sitting on their hands response to offenses against women committed by R. Kelly for over two decades.

If Jussie did indeed stage his attack, it’s terribly unfortunate and show’s a huge lapse in judgement that could possibly be the end of his career. However, for a city to allow a celebrity PR stunt to take precedent over the health and well being of black women being abused speaks to an even larger and more heinous crime by the very people that are supposed to serve and protect.

City officials in Chicago are showing us their hand. They are showing us what they really care about, and from the looks of it, what they care about has nothing to do with true justice.

I guess this is what happens when “Stepping in the name of love” goes too damn far.

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