The Boarding Up Of American Politics

The picture above from the Nordstrom’s at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody is a very simple display of a tipping point in American politics.

Perimeter, and countless other malls and shopping centers across the country are preparing for the worst on the heels of tonight’s election results.

From “Burn Down Buckhead” flyers that are being passed around on social media, to Trump supports who are promising anarchy if election results don’t go their way, never can I remember a Presidential election having such a violent atmosphere.

I can also never remember a person in charge of the most powerful country in the world being so childlike and execrable.

Until typing this, I have never used the words “Donald Trump” and the word “President” in the same sentence, because while his title is the reality of it, if he can be so delusional and separated from the truth, why should I have to acknowledge it?

Donald Trump has brought the type of disgrace, dishonor, and disdain to the White House that one could only perceive to exist in the hypothetical.

His Hitler like governing tactics put in plain view the kind of racism and oppression this country seems to love the most, and the kind that he revels in.

His hyperbole should have never been real or believed, but is now a part of America’s continual, living, breathing nightmare of hate.

He has mocked, teased and trivialized. His language; his nature is so tumescent there is room for nothing else because his presence sucks the air out of everything and everyone around him. This is why he has had more staff changes than any other White House occupant before him.

I call it The Choking Administration.

As America boards itself up in an effort to protect what’s inside, Donald Trump thinks that what is inside of him is good for this country. “Make America Great Again” has become the song of a monster, skipping along in a an incredibly horrid, self gratifying ecstasy.

His supporters run behind him. The most vapid, insipid, mindless humans of their kind. They put money and whiteness above all, and use their fanatical praise to help feed the monster of their creation, not caring that he would no sooner devour them than leave his appetite for power unsatisfied.

What a man that can tout Christian values as his foundation, yet display actions that make his Godly proclamations hollow and nihilistic.

The heavens could not be more disappointed.

The Constitution Of The United States is nothing more than a love letter the Founding Fathers wrote to themselves. They thought their prose was honorable, but it was instead an arrogance that made way for men like Donald Trump to gain power and wield the worst kind of havoc that reeks of ego and self indulgence.

In their infinite wisdom, (which is actually quite finite in comparison to their racism), the Founding Fathers did get one thing right. Their fear of a two party system is heavily documented throughout American history, and what we see today is the realization of that fear.

Two sects of citizens that so vehemently loathe the other side they can’t see the doom their hatred of each other is sending all of us towards.

I still find it interesting that the Republican Party started out against the expansion of slavery in America, yet they have now become the epitome of American whiteness.

The Democrats, proponents of slavery from the beginning, have now become a party of platitudes about what America should be, but their execution is aimless at best, and their lack of cohesion will continue in keeping them away from anything that could be corrective for this country.

The boards are up. The National Guard is ready. Everyone is trying to protect their perception of this country. Trump has made it clear that for him this means his possible exit from the White House will be the same as his entrance. One with not one ounce of dignity.

To be on the precipice of such uncertainty is striking in that it has made the feeling of doubt very palpable. There is a heaviness in the air, and we are all stuck behind boards under the crushing weight of America’s political disappointments.

Even when the boards come down and the smoke settles though, what ever the results, there will still be much more work to do in making America a place above the honor that anyone from it’s inception until now, has ever imagined for it.

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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