Thank you for this!! I’m an artist, and have also had the same outcome based approach, and I too was reminded about the importance of the process in a similar way.

I hosted an event one night at a local coffee shop, and young lady was there and she was severely depressed and had decided she would commit suicide that night when she got home. She had it all planned out and was ready to follow through. I had no idea about any of this the night of the show.

A few weeks later I was speaking with the owner of the venue, and she was talking about struggling to keep her business open and she wasn’t sure why she should keep trying, and then she started to tear up and told me about the young lady that was at the show that night.

The young lady had come to the venue owner and said that had she not come to our show that night she would be dead. She had her suicide planned out, but our show that night sparked a new will to live inside of her, and instead of going through with ending her life, she reached out to some people after the show and talked to them about what she was feeling. They sat with her that night, and encouraged her to seek out help, which she did.

That young lady is not alive and well.

Sometimes the talent doesn’t pay off right away or in the way we think it will because we’re too focused on the payoff. We have to trust the process.


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