Stephon Clark’s brother, Stevante Clark

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Stevante Clark

Some people become a part of history by external forces. In this case it is the seemingly inherent and persistent racist nature of America that have put Stevante Clark, shown here at a city council meeting in Sacremento, into the national spotlight.

When you lose someone, you want.. you deserve to be able to mourn, to grieve, and to at some point heal in your own way. Instead, Stevante is dealing with media that is trying to paint a certain picture of his brother Stephon Clark, who was brutally assassinated by Sacramento Police while on his cell phone in his own back yard.

Here we are again. Another black family that should not have lost a loved one in the first place is having to defend their loved one in death. Media is talking, asking questions, and trying to gear the discussion towards criminal activity on the part of Stephon, while white school shooters and white bombers are talked about as if they were model citizens that just made a mistake.

These white murderers are handled so carefully and gently in arrest and in the media, meanwhile black men that have been murdered by police face a double slaughter, one by their killers and the other by the media.

Losing someone is hard enough. Insult adds to injury when a wrongful death has to be defended against a racist machine that will do everything in its power to discredit and dishonor black men that have been assassinated by police.

The Clark family should not have to vigorously avenge Stephon’s death. Justice should be in place that would have prevented Stephon’s death in the first place. Now having to deal with this tragic assassination, they should at least be allowed time to deal with their loss, but the devilish character of America and its attitude towards black and brown people is forcing the Clark family to take hold of the narrative.

The Clark family should not have to defend Stephon’s character against those that didn’t even know he existed until this moment, but the family knows that if they don’t, America will make the choice of how he is remembered for them.

The police shot Stephon Clark 20 times, including 6 shots that were in his back.

If someone is shot in the back, they were either shot from behind, or shot while they were face down on the ground.

It has been found that Stephon was still alive after he was shot. It was several minutes afterward that he died. The police did not step in to assist him or even see if he was still breathing. The visceral hatred of black men in American is almost unfathomable. How can a young man be left on the ground to die, while his killers, those that are supposed to serve and protect, stand around and do nothing?

In this case, as with most cases that involved unarmed black men that are killed by the police, the officers are not attacked like the victims, and their names are not dragged through the mud like the victims. The character of officers is not questioned, nor is their integrity second guessed. Police officers are instead protected, almost ignored by the media, and given paid leave.

Stevante has expressed his disdain for all of it. For the interviews and the pointed questions, the unwanted, life altering attention that has now borne into his family an unmitigated will in seeking justice for his brother.

It is unfortunately the same story we continue to hear. America is racist and harbors those that carry out its hateful agenda. The police are an integral part of this pattern, the core of their job being to uphold laws that adversely impact black and brown people. Police make no qualms about either breaking the law, or not upholding laws in place to the benefit of black and brown people, and their only response is, “Police feared for their lives.” As it relates to the murder of black men, America seems to find this response totally acceptable.

Meanwhile Stevante Clark is left asking the question, “Where the f*** can we go if it’s not safe at grandma’s house?”

All police are not bad of course, but when looking at the nature of their job, the good ones hardly have any ground to stand on.

Stevante Clark and his entire family are now a part of the ugly history of America. The ugly history that started with slave ships and three fifths a man and then grew into Jim Crow and Emmett Till and the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the assassination of Dr. King, and Malcolm X, and the character assassination and total disrespect of Barack Obama.

Just as the Clark family has been forced into an ongoing conversation that is happening around the world, history, particularly the ugly history of America, will be forced to change.

Darkness can not last forever..

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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