We know that racism is not an indictment on all white people.

We also know that the lineage of women like Carolyn B. Donham is long and wretched.

White women who feel useless, meaningless, and lost in their own lives and can only find validation in trying to kill black people.

They feel it a service to society that will make them a hero, and give mission to their otherwise purposeless existence.

When Carolyn lied about her interaction with Emmet Till, saying that he sexually harassed her, she knew it would cost him his life.

When Amy Cooper called the police on Christian Cooper (no relation to Amy) because he asked that she put her dog on a leash (as required by the area of Central Park she was in, The Ramble), she thought it would cost him his life.

“I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life!”, was what she said.

Amy made that statement and a phone call with the lives of black men murdered by police as the wind beneath her wings.

Black men whose murders she surely knew of, but whose names she probably doesn’t even know.

Names we as black people know all too well.

“They’re going to kill you”, is what was in her mind.

She was emboldened by America’s persistent, invasive, and deadly racism, and with history behind her, she had every right to believe that her actions would end exactly the way she wanted.

Yet after losing so many black men, in this instance we can say, not this time.

The extent to which some white women fear a loss of power is terribly blatant here in the offense Amy took in simply being asked to follow the rules.

Because when it comes to black people, white people know they don’t always have to follow the rules.

They can and have gotten away with murder.

Christian Cooper is not the first to survive the “fear” of a white woman.

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson survived Starbucks employee Holly Hylton.

Jordan Rodgers survived Permit Patty (Alison Ettel).

An entire black family survived BBQ Becky (Jennifer Schulten).

Jeremiah Harvey survived Cornerstone Caroline (Teresa Klein).

White women continue in their attempts to use America’s divisive history as a means to push forward their cowardice.

This time, it didn’t work.

The vile act of calling the police on black men, knowing the strong likelihood of a negative result for the black man is just as much of a hit job as the actions of police officers like Derek Chauvin, who most recently killed George Floyd, a black man who was wanted for questioning in a non violent offense.

White women who call the police on black people are the epitome of weaponizing hate and should be charged with attempted murder.

Amy Cooper tried to have Christian Cooper killed, but this time it didn’t work.

Christian, a birdie and former editor at Marvel Comics, is alive. A black life has been spared. A black life that matters. He will be able to live on, contributing to society through his art, and being cherished by his family and friends.

Most ironic in the video is the clearly agitated dog trying to wrestle its way out of Amy’s clutches.

Even animals can smell the stench of hatred.

She surrendered the dog to the shelter where she adopted it.

She has also been fired from her job.

“My life is being destroyed”, she has been quoted as saying about the events that have taken place since Christian’s sister posted the video and it went viral.

Well, when you get caught on tape trying to have an innocent person killed, destruction should soon follow.

Christian Cooper, we cry for the many black men we have lost and continue to lose. Through our tears of mourning those that have been murdered by police- Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Mark Brown, Philando Castile, Stephon Clark, and so many others- we also whisper thanks to God that you are alive.

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