Meg Thee Stallion Has Proved God Is A Woman.

2020 has just been a weird ass year.

Strangeness has been seeping from the pores of every single month.

One of those weird things, at least to me, is that shit just keeps happening to Meg Thee Stallion.

This woman has to be TIED.

Not tired. TIED.

Success has come at her fast, but with it has also come some undue hardship from fickle ass people.

First it was the degrading comments because of her below average GPA at Texas Southern.

Yeah, I’d like to see any of her detractors in this arena maintain a perfect GPA while having the demands of a national celebrity whose stardom is rising as quickly as hers.

Then she got dragged after admitting financial hardship as the result of not being fully versed on the terms of her recording contract.

I wrote all about that here , and I stand by the fact that 99.9% of those that came at her aren’t attorneys and don’t know shat about music contracts AND most likely aren’t fully aware of the terms to any of their personal contracts (auto financing, cell phone, etc).

Then Meg gets injured in Hollywood Hills after a party. What was reported as glass that cut her foot turned out to be gun shot wounds.

Meg has now fully admitted that she was indeed shot by Daystar Peterson.

The response? Some people have the bald-faced audacity and unmitigated gall to defend Daystar and blame her for getting shot.

“She must of done something to him.”

“She must have put hands on him or said something out the way to him”.

“She HAD to do something to make him shoot her”.

“She’s a snitch.”

I’m summarizing/paraphrasing the sentiment from people who are so ridiculous they will not get the pleasure of being identified here.

This narrative that black women are at fault for their own troubles, and the willingness of people to continue pointing at black women with fingers of blame is brain rattling in earthquake proportions, and it makes me want to shake the shit out of people.

Black women prove over and over and over again to be our saviors and our heroes, and what do we do?

We find reasons to laugh at them, then we turn around and shoot them in the feet, telling them it’s their fault they got shot.

I hate it here.

In addition to coming forward with the truth of what happened that night, Meg also made an additional confession.

She admitted that she is just now saying what really happened because she thought telling police the night of the shooting would have put Daystar’s life in danger.

She made the whole thing up about the glass to protect him.

Let me be clear.

Transparent. Translucent.




Daystar shot Meg in both of her feet.

Getting shot is often synonymous with death.

If that is combined with the physical pain she assuredly was in, lets just say that it was a highly stressful and traumatic moment for her.

Yet with the pain she was in and the uncertainty of her health, with blood running from her feet, Meg still had the sense of mind to be so concerned for sorry ass Daystar that she did not tell police he shot her.

OK sure, the quote from her was, “…You think I’m about to tell police we niggas had guns in the car?”

Yet the fact remains that she was a shooting victim thinking about the safety of everyone involved, particularly the sorry excuse for a human being that shot her.

Who does that?

Oh wait, I know who does that.

Black women.

Now if that sounds like a snitch to you, then YOU are part of the problem.

Quote me here. Call me a simp or what ever name helps you sleep at night. I don’t give two shits.

I don’t even know why it has to be just two shits and I still don’t give them.

We do not deserve the selflessness of black women.

We just fuckin don’t.


No one can repay the debt of giving life and all of the sacrifices that black women have made for us.

To that end we’ll never be able to offer up to black women anything that compares to their value, but damn it can we at least try?

Can we at least try to believe black women’s stories of abuse instead of saying they caused it? Can we at least try to understand why it’s hard for some black women to leave abusive relationships?

Can we at least try to believe black women when they say they have been taken advantage of by a celebrity instead of assuming she had ulterior motives and “got what she deserved?”

Meg has shown her bullet wounds, told us she basically saved Daystar’s life that night, and people STILL want to ask what did she do to him?

I don’t give a good got damn what she did to him.

NOTHING she could have done to him would warrant him trying to take her life/livelihood.

I’ve never been much of a person to put the year in front of a situation as validation for it’s stupidity, but ya’ll…

It’s 2020!

People are still holding on to this archaic idea that men are the head and women are supposed to totally submit to men, and if they don’t, men are justified in acting out against them.

This results in undue responsibility on black women.

We don’t teach our men how to deal with their emotions in healthy ways, so black women end up being figurative and in some instances literal punching bags.

We don’t teach our boys that sex should never be about power, so black women have to end up taking self defense classes as a way to divert being kidnapped and/raped. They in particular have to be careful when they are out at night alone.

How about we teach our boys not to be monsters?

How about we stop telling our boys to “Be a man” and instead tell them it’s OK to talk about emotions and feelings, and it’s OK to be vulnerable.

It’s OK to cry. In front of people or in private.

In the car. In the shower. Sometimes you gotta just let that shit out, but it needs to be let out in ways that don’t involve hurting black women.

The power of black women is astounding.

The resilience of black women is incredible.

The willingness of black women to put everyone else first, even when they are in pain, is staggering.

Meg has been through so much publicly (and who knows what privately), but she continues to work and press forward.

As if her immense talent wasn’t enough, her refusal to cower in a corner is one of the most inspiring thing’s we will see this year, and her refusal to turn in Daystar right after he shot her is one of the closest things to God we will see this year.

Maybe that’s it.

Maybe things keep happening to her because she is in the public eye, and we need the visual proof that we should be doing better by our black women.

Black women love, honor, and protect all of us without question. There is no way in hell or on Earth that it should be so hard to do the same for them.

Protect black women AT ALL COSTS.

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