Kylie Jenner Presents: The Creflo Dollar Mentality

The story around Samuel Rouda’s relationship with Kylie Jenner has changed.

As we know Samuel, a make up artist, was involved in a severe car accident that is going to cost his family a great deal of money in medical expenses.

It was initially thought that Samuel was Kylie’s make-up artist, but according to an Instagram statement, she said in part,

As for the GoFundMe page for Samuel, and her asking the general public for money to support his family, she said,

Kylie said she was “clearing up a false narrative”, with her response, but really all she did was stir the pot of confusion soup.

So Samuel was her make up artist but he’s not, nor is he a friend, and the GoFundMe account was set for $10,000, but $60,000 was floating around in headlines as the total medical bill. So why would Samuel’s family only set the goal to $10,000 if the total expenses are $60,000?

Now the GoFundMe account looks to be at around $100,000 of a $120,000 goal.

Yup. Clear as mud.

So, a few things here.

Whether someone is a billionaire, a hundred millionaire cooking the books to lie about being a billionaire, or just a plain ole fool with money, we can’t tell people what they should and shouldn’t spend their money on. I know in a way this sounds like a defense, but it’s more so a harsh fact of the matter. The wealthy have every option to do what ever they want with the money they worked (and I use the word “worked” here extremely loosely) to get. If the wealthy gave to every cause and every person that came to them in need, they most likely would not be wealthy.

Or at least not as wealthy. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos could shell out money until their hands are red and still have income left, and money coming in from the businesses they have created.

What Kylie has done in this case is just downright foolish, which isn’t surprising for a Kardashian.

Kylie thought it a good idea, in the middle of a pistachio Porsche Panamera Pandemic no less, to suggest that the general public help in covering Samuel’s medical expenses when she herself makes $450,000 a day and could afford to help his family whether the goal was $10,000, $60,000 or $100,000.

Please NEVER ask Kylie Jenner to read the room.

I guess Samuel isn’t all that sweet.

I’ll take a “Fuck You Kylie Jenner” for $500 Alex.

Her cheap ass can pay for that too.

Aside from the fact that they make no meaningful contribution to society (Barbara Walters cleared this up in 2011), the Kardashians have again made it clear they just don’t give two cares.

All of this is extremely reminiscent of Telethon-vangelist Creflo Dollar’s 2015 ask to his congregation for a $65 million jet, in the name of God.

I meant church business. I meant because he’s pompous and greedy and doesn’t have a clue who God is.

Creflo, worth an estimated $28 million, not only asked either his full congregation or 200,000 people in his flock for the jet, when the news went public, he heatedly defended his request

While Creflo made more of a direct ask then Kylie, the similar mentality of two rich people who have the unmitigated gall to ask anyone for money to donate to anything shows a heinous level of disregard to the people that have made them who they are, and begs the question I already know the answer to but must ask:

What the hell is wrong with rich people?

Yes, they want to stay rich but some of them have the common sense and decency God gave a fruit fly.

What’s also horrific about this is the followers/fans who idolize and fiercely defend rich people who act out of arrogance and greed.

I can most likely guarantee that the reason both Creflo and Kylie have asked people to give money for causes they can more than afford to cover is because they know their supporters won’t hesitate to blindly open their wallets.

When some rich people say “Jump”, their fans/followers ask, “How much you need?”

How sweet it must be rich, and then know that you can ask the very people that made you rich to continue spending their money on other causes/things you need so you don’t have to spend your own money.

I don’t think I’m living life right…

One of the things Americans do so extremely well is create monsters and then ensure that they are always well fed.

“How do you know what Creflo can afford?”, they’ll ask.

“You can’t be counting Kylie Jenner’s money”, they’ll say.

The question though is who’s making the money countable, and that’s an easy answer.

Before I figured out that church was more about men and power than it is about relationship with God, I would watch Creflo’s telethons. One of the things that he would constantly say is, “The dome is paid for.” The dome being the building that houses his College Park ministry/headquarters. Making comments like that brings the finances of the church into question, which then would of course bring up questions about his personal finances.

I’m not the only person who has ever questioned any of this. In 2011 Republican Senator Chuck Grassely launched an investigation into the spending of six megachurch pastors, which included Creflo. The results of the investigation were inconclusive and the pastors were off the hook for any wrong doing.

Guess that was all the ammunition Creflo needed to ask his members for a jet four years later.

From day one with the Kim Kardashian/Ray-J sex tape, Chris Jenner has done everything in her ability to keep all the business of the Kardashian family in the public eye for entertainment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris where somewhere in the wings waiting for Kim and Ray-J to get done so she should could tell them the next course of action.

When you push family as a public spectacle, of course money will be part of the conversation as it always is with celebrities, especially those that flaunt their wealth.

It’s not as much the fans counting the money as it is the Kardashian family saying, “Look how rich we are.”

Kylie has made her spending habits very clear on her Instagram page. $50,000 purses. Trips on sisters $72 million private plane. She and her family spare no expense — on their personal enjoyment.

Yet to know the kind of financial power the Kardashians have, only to see them treat someone they either know, used to know, don’t know, or just forgot about, like a peasant is utterly sickening.

We made these people rich only for them to insultingly throw it in our faces.

I think the average working person wants to be in a place where finances aren’t an issue, and that in a small way breeds admiration of celebrities who lead what looks to be incredible, no money worry lifestyles. The problem becomes when this admiration extends to supporting celebrities who display toxic behavior.

To his credit, in the six years it’s been since his outlandish ask, Creflo has focused his message more on the importance of mental health in conjunction with religion.

He still gets a Gulfstream side eye though for even thinking it was a good idea in the first place.

The Kardashians just seem to be a lost cause. They’ve became rich beyond their wildest dreams by being some of the biggest pop culture leeches we’ve ever seen, and I guess some people just don’t mind being sucked completely dry.

Pun intended, Kim Kardashian.

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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