I generally don't respond to comments because they can potentially push down the visibility of stories, but of all the comments this story has received, yours is the most asinine

Here are the three ways you have proved your racism:

1) You, being a white/non black person, denied that white privilege exists

2) One of the first things a racist will ALWAYS say to try and deny their racism is "Oh I'm not racist! I have a black best friend/family member/person close to me!" Classic racist remark

3) You assume that because I'm black I'm a Democrat, and then you insult democrats. You're racist, and you're wrong about my political affiliation "DemorRats." How much more of a five year old can you be?

I wonder if you're brother knows he's nothing more than a pawn in your life as you only seem to care about him in as much as you can use him in trying to deny who you are.

In the event that you are far from racist, which I doubt, you're pretty damn close to ignorant.


Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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