Ghandi said “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I find this to be more true every day as religious zealots use the name of God to validate browbeating others who don’t think and believe God the same way they do.

Religion at it’s core should be about how we treat each other. The church has gotten so far away from that that people are moving away from religion. I beat myself up enough.. why would I go to a church on a weekly basis and listen to someone berate me because I’m not perfect. Someone, a pastor, mind you, that in some instances behind closed doors is not leading by example.

Thank you so much for penning this. People have this very hard lined traditional view of what God looks like, and God is so much bigger than that. It’s folks like you Benjamin, that I hope will continue to open people up to taking God and religion out of the box it has been in for so long.

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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