Hand over heart, white tears, blah blah…

Flag On The Damn Play, Drew Brees

I used to be a peripheral football fan.

When at home, sometimes a game would be on television for ambient noise and a periodic check in. I’d mostly watch with family and friends, I knew enough to get by with the random group of guys at the bar that would always end up talking about football, and being from Atlanta, I of course watched the Falcons lose the Superbowl in 2017.

Now I’ve reminded myself of that game and am frustrated all over again.


More so than the game, there are specific players that I admire. Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Richard Sherman, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rogers.

Drew Brees.

Drew is by far one of the smartest players in the league.

That’s the only accolade you’ll read here. Google the rest of them. He’s not getting that energy from me today.

When Yahoo Finance Editor-at-Large Daniel Roberts asked Drew what his responsibility would be as a leader in the league at a time when we should expect players to kneel again, Drew began his reply with this:

That beginning sentence was the perfect indication that a bunch of Donald Trump/Roger Goodell malarkey was about to follow.

He then went on to talk about what he envisions and feels when the national anthem is played and when he thinks about the flag, he thinks about his grandfathers that fought in WWII.

“…In many cases it brings me to tears” he said.

It’s another showering of white tears, and guess who is completely out of tissue?

Yup, me.

I don’t have the mental space or time.

As a black man in America, I was listening to Drew and had a full on Tamar Braxton, “What about MY disrespect?” moment.

Non sequitur. I have the utmost respect for Tamar Braxton.

Disclaimer: I have the utmost respect for veterans. Any person black or white, that is willing to put their life on the line for this country deserves all the honor and praise possible.


If Drew wants to talk about people fighting for this country in wars, sure, his grandfathers “risked their lives”, but lets talk about the black men in wars that were put on the front lines because those were the soldiers to die first.

Got any tears for them Drew?

What about the black soldiers who fought in wars for America when they couldn’t even vote here?

What about black men from Emmit Till to George Floyd and all in between that have been killed in this country because of racism?

What about OUR disrespect, Drew Brees?

I’ll stop short of saying Drew is a racist, but he and other white people who 1) believe that Kap was disrespecting the flag by kneeling, and 2) believe that their privilege perceived disrespect of the American flag takes precedent over the killings of black men by police, continue to trivialize the plight of black people in this country, and keep the door open for our continued killings.

Like, how many times did we go over this?

Drew “disagreeing with anyone disrespecting the flag” is not an opinion.

As my grandmother can say, it’s Drew “arguing with the signboard”.

The fact is that Kap knelt in solidarity with black men who have suffered and died at the hands of police. That was his intent, and any other perception of his intent is flat out wrong.

Look, grass is green, and you can disagree with that only until the cows come home.

Because once the cows get home they will eat said grass, and it will later on come out the brownish tint of bullshit.

Which is exactly what I make of Drew’s statement.

Brown, unmitigated bullshit.

What confounds the issue even more is the fact that Drew gives money to the black community.

Remember the recent NetFlix movie “”, written and directed by Prentice Penny and staring an array of amazing black actors?

Drew was an executive producer of that movie, a credit that in some instances comes with being a financial backer, which would add up with Drew having opened up his wallet in the past for black projects.

No official word on if he did give money for the film, but if nothing else, on its face he made some supporting contribution to a film put together by black people.

Now that Drew has laid out his thinking on kneeling, I can’t help but wonder if he believes he’s doing his part just because he’s giving money to black people, black causes, and black art. If this is the cause, it’s just as insulting as his take on players kneeling.

Someone needs to tell Drew… no, I’m telling Drew now that throwing money at black people doesn’t solve our issue. White people do that because it’s an easy way to alleviate the guilt they feel about what’s happening to us or because they think we should take the money, believe they aren’t the problem and shut up.

That ain’t it chief.

Or in this case, saint.

While funding is appreciated, changing a systematically oppressive system that benefits white people in its holding back of black people is what will solve our problem.

That’s a whole lot harder than writing a check because it entails actual accountability, something white people like Drew will skirt every chance they get.

America has been great at telling black people to play the hand we’ve been dealt knowing all the while the deck has been stacked against us.

From the very beginning.

Continuing, Drew said,

Uhh… no we’re not.

All that chatter about unity and being in this together proves Drew is so focused on the flag and his privilege he refuses to see the fact that America never intended to unite with black people.

We are on our own.

From the very beginning we were not even considered an entire person, and to this day America continues to treat us as less than by using the criminal justice system to keep us in jail and stack our criminal records to then deny us jobs, refusing to give us loans to start our businesses and buy homes, firing us for taking a knee to protest against police brutality, then putting their knees on our necks to kill us, THEN getting the medical examiner to produce autopsy results that say the man with his knee on our neck isn’t what caused the death, it was something else.

Where in the hell is the unity in that?

I call a star spangled banner flag on the play.

Over and over again the flag has been lauded by some white people in their privilege as symbols of togetherness and unity, when in reality both the flag and that racist anthem are being used to cover up the real problem.

Because it’s easier to look at a flag and pretend it stands for unity when in reality it stands for a tear down of boundaries that needs to be done by white people who refuse do to that work.

I completely stopped supporting football the minute Kap lost his job, and though there are players I will still admire, Drew Brees is no longer one of them.

Shout out to the PR person that wrote Drew’s apology statement though. It was cute or what ever. Drew probably should have led with that statement, or consulted that PR person, OR CONSULTED COLIN KAEPERNICK first.

Ah well…

Ohhh say can you seee…..

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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