A Traditional Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I’ve wanted to write you for some time now, but haven’t been quite sure where to start.

I’ve been fighting myself mostly on approach and tone.

I thought, maybe I should be serious. As I write you, we are only a few days outside of two more deadly mass shootings in America. These shootings have brought out even more thoughts to the conversations we’re already having on race, gun control, and immigration.

Then I thought, maybe I should be comedic. Bring some lightheartedness as a small sort of relief to these tough issues we are navigating as Americans, and perhaps keep it light just in case I’m asked to read this letter on a late night talk show.

Because you have been fodder in abundance for some of the best late night talk show material we have had since George Bush Jr. was at your current address. We have to laugh through the pain.

I came to the conclusion that no good letter is monotone, so there will be some variety here.

Don’t worry. I’ll be succinct.

I know you’re busy running our country.

Oh wait! I’m sorry. I spelled ruining wrong.


Lets start with something we have in common.

We are both citizens of this great country.

There is a pride I think we both take in being Americans and a respect we have for this country. This pride and respect has extended so far in your heart that it took you on a journey to the White House.

Unfortunately, on the subject of respect is where our commonality splits ways.

For me, respect of this country means honoring it’s citizens, and treating them with dignity and respect. It means understanding that our backgrounds inform our perspective, and since we all have been brought up in different environments, our perspective on many things won’t be the same.

From this, I should listen to the those that I may not agree with to understand their perspective, and respond in a way that expresses my opinion while encouraging conversation, because we don’t see things as they are.

We see things as we are.

Your definition of respect means working against those that you think are not good for this country, based on your racist, narrow minded perspective.

It would then make sense that your slogan is “Make America Great Again.”

It would then make sense that black and brown people were met with violence at your rallies while you were running for office.

It makes sense that you would publicly mock reporter Serge Kovelaski.

It makes sense that you couldn’t even get off the plane to Britain a week ago before you started insulting the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who you have been in banter with since 2016.

Seems as if you don’t give in very easily on thinking you’re right.

It is also not lost on me that Mr. Khan’s family lineage is Muslim, another group of people that you openly ridicule and target with your hate.

Not “rhetoric”. Hate.

You have been taught that you are superior, and that you are always right.

How you grew up only explains your behavior though. It in no way excuses it.

Your thinking, particularly as it relates to immigration for example, has become dangerous and crippling.

Are there Mexicans that have come to this country illegally? Yes. Are they a danger to the rest of us?

By all means no.

In fact, Mexicans are instrumental to the American economy, having built many of our bridges, roads and highway systems, and yes, probably most of your real estate developments.

Of course, anyone that comes to America should follow the path to citizenship, so I wouldn’t dare say it right that any group of people ignore our process.

However things have gone off the rails because your perspective is more visceral than it is based on any facts, and this deters any strategy around finding Mexicans that may be coming to this country to truly participate in clandestine activity like smuggling money, drugs or weapons into our borders.

Your disdain of Mexicans runs so deep, it has also emboldened an impossible thought process from other racist American citizens, some to the point of their own detriment.

Farming in this country is paramount to our survival, yet during the last government shut down, many farmers had no problem with their life’s work being obliterated because of their alignment with your racism. Government loans that they needed to continue their business were halted because you wanted funding for your wall, but so many farmers said their loss would be worth it because you are “protecting America.”

Protecting America from what? It’s so ironic that the very Mexicans that work fields for farms all over this country are all of a sudden a threat to the very farms they work on. Explain to me how that works, because I think I’m missing something.

The other irony in your fierce protection of the border we share with Mexico is that immigration issues pale in comparison to the problems we have with white teenage boys and white men men that are already here, in fact born here, who decide they want to kill out of hate.

These boys and men have been influenced by online propaganda, and by your language and your actions.

You are more concerned with population control, and ensuring that white men do not become outnumbered by other nationalities in this country.

This is because of your skewed definition of “respect”.

I know facts aren’t really your thing when they don’t align with your perspective, but I still need to present you with some that are irrefutable.

The El Paso shooter was not a Mexican.

The Dayton, Ohio (not Toledo, Ohio) shooter was not a Mexican.

The Tree Of Life shooter was not a Mexican.

The white police officer Timothy Loehmann who killed 12 year old Tamir Rice while he was holding a toy gun at a park in Cleveland, Ohio (again, not Toledo, Ohio) was not Mexican.

The white police officer Sean Williams who shot John Crawford III while he was holding a BB gun at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio (an open carry state mind you, and again, not Toledo, Ohio) was not an immigrant.

It would appear that we don’t have as big a problem at our borders as we do in the minds of white police officers and white nationalists (some of which are one in the same) who think just like you do.

What wall is going to protect us from them?

By the way, your little project at the Mexican border really doesn’t mean much because the most dangerous Mexican of them all is already on American soil.

We’ve been holding EL Chapo for how long now?

You do realize that he has this thing with walls, right?

He just goes under them.

So beware.

Aside from Mexicans being on your hot button list, we also have President Barack Obama.

You know him.

He’s the black guy that got here before you did, and the one who set out what you have made to be your life’s work: destroying every good thing he tried to do for this country.

The Affordable Health Care Act, environmental improvements his administration put in place, gun control policies his administration put in place, and mental health policies his administration put in place have all been at your chopping block, and from what we have seen of you, I think it’s a little more than just him being a Democrat that gets under your skin.

I guess it’s because he’s from Kenya.

What’s worse is the fact that you are taking credit for the slight boom we are having in our current economy when really it’s due to the past administration’s efforts.

President Barack Obama said several times while he was in office that the economy was in such a weak place when he became President that policies implemented by his administration may not take effect until he was out of office.

He’s out of office, and here you are riding his wave.

You were not even in office a full six months before people started praising you for economy improvements.

So an economy that had crashed an burned over a few years before President Barack Obama took office is all of a sudden repaired six months after his two terms are over?

This is a pattern of white behavior that goes all the way back to slavery.

Black people do the work, white people take the credit.

Now please don’t think I’m siding with Barack just because he’s black. There are definitely some things he did that I did not agree with, but overall, he was the right guy for the job.

What is extremely disconcerting to me is that people continue to pass off your racism and hatred as “rhetoric” because their pockets are doing well.

Hatred is hatred. Racism is racism. “Rhetoric” is nothing more than an excuse for both of them.

To the extent that people, particularly white people (and unfortunately some black people I know as well) are willing to throw away every good thing America is supposed to stand for because their financial wealth is increasing is debasing what this country should be.

To the extent that white people are willing to refuse Barack Obama his due acknowledgement because he’s black, and in turn lay all the credit for good economic standing at the feet of the racist narcissist (that would be you), is infuriatingly indicative of American’s continued racist underbelly.

All this time I thought the values and principles of this country were supposed to benefit everyone. Things like fair treatment, respect, equality, and acceptance are supposed to be the truths of this country.

Hang on. When the constitution was written, people that look like me weren’t even a whole person. The constitution had to be amended to reflect what was already a fact.

Forget I said anything about the truths of this country.

How did we get here?

I ask that question more out of sheer disappointment than I do out of any actual curiosity as to how we go here, because I know how that happened.

Cooking Instructions for a Donald Trump White House:

Preheat the oven to “burn” and mix the following in a white bowl:

  1. One cup of a Russian influenced election

Place ingredients in clear corning wear to ensure destruction is visible.

Cook on election night.

Voila! Donald Trump is in the White House!

Where do we go from here? I can’t be totally sure. Your power remains unchecked by anyone left in your administration that hasn’t either quit or that you haven’t fired. Your own party knows that you’re a monster, but they are much more interested in saving face than dialing you back. The collective hate that has bolstered your popularity has thrown the Democrats into such a tizzy they don’t even have a candidate that stands out from the rest of the pack for the next Presidential election.

There is a lot of uncertainty in this dark time of our history, but in speaking of darkness, I’m reminded of something another black man said.

His name was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Disclaimer: Just because he was black doesn’t mean he was from Africa.

He said “Darkness can not drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

For the sake of this country I live in, I pray that love and light both come very soon.

Yours Truly,

Alfred, your fellow American Citizen.

P.S.- Do you think black people are credulous enough to believe you care about A$AP Rocky?

Do you even know who he is?

Prove it and tweet a picture of him.

Just be sure it isn’t Kendrick Lamar.

Because all of us don’t look alike.

Writer of life, Actor, Host/Comedian, and Spoken Word Artist. The last great Atlanta native.

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