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With the pandemic raging on as we move into the second month of 2021, and with the dumpster fire of a year that was 2020, we are all looking for light and hope.

Some are going about their search for joy and peace in absolutely the wrong way.

Almost every day on social media, I’ll see a post with this basic sentiment:

“Hundreds of thousands of people have died from Covid, but I am still here, and so are you, so thank God for that.”

The way I saw this backhanded praise displayed today was not Covid related but just…

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As the days move forward from the terrorist attack on the U.S. Capital Building, we’re finding out about planning that was involved beforehand.

Republican representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado took a group on tour of the capital building on January 5th. Members of that same group were at the capital during the attack on the 6th.

Lauren also tweeted out the real time location of Nancy Pelosi during the attack.

Trump’s attorney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was not only involved in inciting the crowd on January 6th, according to attorney and professor Seth Abramson:

Members of…

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My grandmother spares no expense when it comes to words. She loves all of them.

The “F Bomb” is one of her favorites.

After the violent mob eased their way into the U.S. Capital Building yesterday, one of her favorite F Bomb terms came to mind.

“Fuckin furious.”

Yesterday, I was fuckin furious.

A pompous, mostly white, mostly male crowd was let into the U.S. Capital where they rioted and looted.

Yes, they were let in. There’s video of security opening a fence where the mob causally walked onto the property and into the building, some using designated entry points…

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The mask isn’t for the chimney

Last night while in the car with my husband, I reached out to hold his hand. A few seconds after our hands joined, he turned down the radio and said, “Hey, I think we may be doing too much for Thanksgiving.”

The tentative plan was to visit a cousin’s house on my mother’s side where my mother and grandmother will be (just the two of them along with my cousin and her mom), and then go not far away to my Aunt’s house on my Dad’s side as he’s driving in town from Texas to be with his family here…

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Our Future

Donald Trump has now fired Secretary Of Defense Mark Esper.

Aside from Trump needing to take his frustration with losing the election out on someone, I can’t think of a good reason he needed to fire Mark.

I mean, it’s not like he’s going to be defending anything any longer..

Well… Except maybe himself… In a courtroom…


Mark Esper’s firing is yet another example of Trump’s child like behavior, and in speaking of children, I can only imagine what they are thinking of him and our politics.

Over the last four years we’ve seen a reckless monster exercise full…

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The picture above from the Nordstrom’s at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody is a very simple display of a tipping point in American politics.

Perimeter, and countless other malls and shopping centers across the country are preparing for the worst on the heels of tonight’s election results.

From “Burn Down Buckhead” flyers that are being passed around on social media, to Trump supports who are promising anarchy if election results don’t go their way, never can I remember a Presidential election having such a violent atmosphere.

I can also never remember a person in charge of the most powerful country in…

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In today’s episode of racial malarkey…

While watching the recent Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, I came across a tweet from Charlie Kirk, a.. uhh.. well other than a podcast host and a fan of dictator Trump, I’m not sure what he does.

Anyway, here’s the tweet:

I read this and thought to myself, what debate is he watching? Then of course my immediate next thought was that he wasn’t watching the debate, he was looking at Kamala through the same lens of the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head.

One full of bullshit.

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Those of us in our late thirties and early forties grew up with Brandy and Monica.

Yeah, you just keep guessing about whether or not I’m in my late thirties or early forties…

But I digress.

With the premier of their individual first albums- Brandy’s self titled debut in 1994 and Monica’s “Miss Thang” in 1995- came instant notoriety for both women.

The comparisons were also just as immediate as their success. They were both fierce vocal talents in different ways.

Brandy came with the jazzy/gospel influenced vocals, and Monica came with more of the Aretha Franklin like soul.


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2020 has just been a weird ass year.

Strangeness has been seeping from the pores of every single month.

One of those weird things, at least to me, is that shit just keeps happening to Meg Thee Stallion.

This woman has to be TIED.

Not tired. TIED.

Success has come at her fast, but with it has also come some undue hardship from fickle ass people.

First it was the degrading comments because of her below average GPA at Texas Southern.

Yeah, I’d like to see any of her detractors in this arena maintain a perfect GPA while having the…

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I don’t know if Keisha Lance Bottoms has heard Tupac’s song “All Eyez On Me”, but if she hasn’t, it’s the perfect moniker for this present time in her tenure as Atlanta Mayor.

I’ll go ahead and get the critiques out of the way, but trust me, if Mayor Bottoms looked at my job performance I’m she’d have some notes for me as well.

In the wake of Rayshard Brooks’ killing, while Mayor Bottoms was rightfully swift in her actions to ensure the firing of the officer that shot him, her choosing to describe the community were he was killed…

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